Ecuador Anaerobic Fermentation/Washed

Ecuador Anaerobic Fermentation/Washed

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Various producers organized by Finca Cruz Loma
Caturra, Typica Mejorado
Imbabura Province, Ecuador
June - September
1500 – 1800 masl
Volcanic loam
Anaerobic fermentation for 20-26 hours in tanks followed by washed and dried on raised beds
Tasting Notes

Apricot, Apple, Lavender

 Farm Info

This coffee is a blend of various small family farms from Ecuador’s northern and Imbabura province, 30 hectares in total, sourced and curated by Galo and Maria Alexandra. Ecuador’s namesake position on the Earth’s equator means that medium-altitude coffee enjoys practically a perfect year-round growing season, often with flowering and ripe cherry sharing the same branch most months. For small farms, this means a small but long-term labor force to manage the slow, perfectionistic work required for such a drawn-out harvest.

Coffee in Imbabura is processed at home on personal equipment and dried on hand-made structures and greenhouses. Cherry is de-pulped immediately after picking and fermented in sealed tanks (known as “anaerobic” fermentation) for 20-26 hours in tanks. After fermentation, the parchment is thoroughly washed and moved to raised beds under the shade canopy for a slow and even drying stage.

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