Ethiopia Guji Kercha

Ethiopia Guji Kercha

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650 farmers organized around the Kercha washing station
Indigenous heirloom
Hambela Wamena district, Guji Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia
October – January
1850 – 2100 masl
Full natural and dried on raised beds
Tasting Notes

Lilac, Raspberry, Lemon Zest

Farm Info

Oumer Abdu’s processing station, called Kercha, is in Deribadiya town, in western Guji. Deribadiya is in the greater district of Hambela Wamena, which starts at the border of Guji and Gedeo zones and runs southeast toward Shakiso, one of Guji’s central urban hubs. Historically even this part of Guji could be a full day’s walk from the nearest trading centers of Gedeb or Dilla to the west, which left many coffee farmers debilitated by lack of access to market, and cherry prices often less than half of neighboring Gedeo or Sidama zones. The Kercha processing station in Deribadiya is most definitely an exception to the status quo for small farmers in Guji and is an important island of commerce in the remote Hambela Wamena district.

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